Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli received the Dr. Ing. Degree (cum laude) and the Ph.D. in Telecommnications from the University of Bologna (Italy) in 1991 and 1996, respectively.  In 1996, he joined the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering – Guglielmo Marconi at the University of Bologna, where he is a Full Professor.  From 2022, he is also a Research Fellow at the Digital Integrated Circuits and Systems group of ETH Zurich (CH). During 2003 and 2005, he was a Visiting Scientist at Qualcomm Inc, and in 2021 a Visiting Professor at ETH Zurich.

His research activity focuses on Wireless Communication with specific emphasis on Non terrestrial Networks. He participates in national and international research projects on satellite mobile communication systems serving as Scientific Responsible and Prime Contractor for several European Space Agency and European Commission funded projects. He is currently the Responsible for the Vision and Research Strategy task force of the NetworldEurope SatCom Working Group and the delegate for the University of Bologna in the 6G-IA, ETSI, and 3GPP. Dr. Vanelli-Coralli co-authored more than 190 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conferences and he is co-recipient of several Best Paper Awards. He is the recipient of the 2019 IEEE Satellite Communications Technical Recognition Award.