2022 European Future of Wireless
Technology Workshop

The Future of Wireless Workshop Online Event #1 will be held on 1st of June 2022.

2022 Themes

1st of June 2022

Future 5.5G/6G Wireless Systems are expected to support massive amount of real-time traffic data at high-speed and to provide global connectivity, even in unreachable by terrestrial networks (NT) areas. Towards this direction, the integration of Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN), such as GEO/MEO/LEO satellites and HAPS/LAPS, into TN will enhance 5G+ capabilities enabling the ubiquitous and global coverage feature. Standardization bodies have been investigating new solutions to extend 5G NR for the smooth NTNs integration, however more work is required to ensure that NTN systems will be an intrinsic part of the 5G+ ecosystem, providing competitive enhancements.

In this Workshop we would like to discuss potential solutions to the inherent ΝΤΝ and 5G-NTN integration challenges, such as multi-layer system design, signal processing and resource management algorithm development, as well as antenna and RF design challenges. The invited speakers will be presenting their ideas of the future technologies or solutions, Huawei speakers will share our view on present challenges, technologies and industry trends. All participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussions during Q&A sessions.

The power of the Future of Wireless Technology workshop is that it offers an arena where experts of the academia and experts from the industry are able to meet, connect and discuss the technologies of the future. Together we shape the future, together we drive the evolution of the mobile communication industry.

More information are coming soon.

Speakers 2022

We are honored to have guest speakers that represent top authorities in their fields for the 2022 themes.
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