About The Future of Wireless Technology Workshop


The Future of Wireless Workshop is the forum where Huawei and the leaders of the international research community meet to discuss the wireless network & technology evolution.

Huawei Sweden R&D is in the process of strengthening the relationship with prominent researchers from various areas of the telecommunication ecosystem, with the ambition to find a common understanding on where we are heading and explore areas for future collaboration.

The event focuses on upcoming trends and new technologies, enabling wireless solutions for future needs both of people and of society. Each year the most important trends are selected and several topics addresses aspects of these trends in depth.

The conference is carried out in an interactive format. Huawei speakers present challenges, trends and thought, and invited speakers present their thoughts and ideas about specific future technologies or solutions for wireless networks, followed by a Q&A session. Panel debates might be arranged for specific topics. All participants have the opportunity to ask questions and are encouraged to take part in the discussions.


The workshop is organized by the Swedish branch of Huawei Wireless R&D. Europe is important for Huawei both as a strategic marketplace and for its unique competence base. Huawei has an extensive number of R&D sites across Europe; examples are Sweden, Finland, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Italy. Globally, Huawei has more than 100,000 engineers working with research and development.

Established in 2000, Stockholm was selected as the location for Huawei’s first R&D laboratory abroad, and is today recognized as the leading  Wireless Research Center.

Themes & Detailed Program 2023

For the 2023 workshop, we will deep dive and look into the potential future technologies and solutions that could be beneficial for the industry, people and society.
Detailed Program