2023 European Future of Wireless
Technology Workshop

This year we will be meeting you live in Stockholm! The workshop will be carried out in two days with a series of exciting topics focusing on Technologies and Solutions Relevant for the First Generation of 6G.

Agenda Overview

2023 Themes

Network Evolution

One of the main challenges towards carbon neutrality is the expected network traffic growth. By 2025, the number of connected devices could grow close to 100 billion, and by 2030, 5G networks may be carrying up to 1,000 times more data than 4G ones did in 2018. Given this exponential rise in network traffic, and the ever-increasing requirements in terms of data volume, throughput, reliability and latency, MNOs are faced with tremendous challenges to deploy energy efficient networks.

Huawei has been working actively with solutions to save energy by optimizing network resources, such as symbol, radio frequency (RF) and carrier shutdown as well as deep dormancy and energy-aware traffic redistribution. The use of AI/ML can optimize the use of these function. It has been proven that the energy consumption can be reduced.

In this workshop we will discuss future potential solutions that can significantly improve energy efficiency. Currently, the academia and the industry discuss techniques, such as distributed MIMO, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, non terrestrial network, heterogeneous network and backscattering.

Next Step of M-MIMO

Massive MIMO was truly a paradigm shift. It challenged mmWave as the key technology for 5G and been around for 10 years now. Now, facing orders of magnitude more traffic, and firm requirements to reduce energy and CO2 footprints, we need a new paradigm shift.

The products we see today are built on a few assumptions. We use a sensible amount of trx (eg. 64), and we stay within legacy product footprints (eg. antenna width) and we use legacy sites and our cellular network structure. Coverage is prioritized over energy efficiency, and coordination betweeen cells and carriers is limited. Maybe some of these assumptions are not as evident as before?

Larger Apertures (ELAA) is a very powerful technology, but what is the application? How can we make them cheap, light and power efficient enough to offer a strong business case? We look at Large Scale Coordination to optimize the use of a multi-band, multi-tier, multi-site, multi-service system. But what is the potential benefit? And how do we find out?

Computational Efficiency

The decline of Moore’s law forces us to improve computational efficiency in order to be able to meet the challenges and future requirements of 6G.

In this workshop we will discuss new algorithmic approaches such as neural compute, distributed compute or digital annealing aiming at improving overall computational efficiency. We also would like to discuss non-von Neumann architectural solutions such as optical computing or compute-in-memory solutions. The invited speakers will be presenting their ideas of the future technologies or solutions.


6G Wireless Systems are expected to provide users with a new set of wireless services, among them various high-accuracy positioning services and services depending on sensing. Sensing is also recognized as becoming a native feature of the 6G Radio Access Network for the purpose of constant network performance optimization, greatly enhancing connection reliability, energy efficiency and enabling fully automated network operation through the application of digital twin technology.

Currently, sensing and communication are designed separately and occupy different frequency bands, however a joint design of these systems are desirable in order to efficiently utilize the physical resources and to pursue mutual benefits assisting each other.

In this workshop we will discuss advanced Harmonized Communication & Sensing (HCS) solutions such as HCS signal processing, waveform design, and advanced beyond LoS sensing and localization solutions that enable the integration of communication and sensing into one system, sharing the same physical resources and assisting each other.

Speakers 2023

We are honoured to have many guest speakers who are the experts in their field of work and they are the key influencers of the industry.
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