2021 European Future of Wireless
Technology Workshop

The 7th Future of Wireless Technology Workshop will be carried out in an interactive format online and will be divided into four events organized in themes. Invited speakers will present their ideas of future technologies or solutions for wireless networks and Huawei speakers will present 2021 challenges and trends. All participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussions.

2021 Themes

14th and 15th of April

After the initial deployments in 5G networks, it became clear that the existing Massive MIMO techniques cannot solve the capacity demands imposed by high-end applications, such as virtual/augmented reality communications, massive connectivity in autonomous driving, etc. Added to this we have challenges with network energy efficiency and the need for introducing new frequencies.

In this workshop we would like to discuss both potentially revolutionary MIMO solutions, such as Holographic Radio, and evolutionary solutions, such as Cell-Free MIMO, Media-Based Modulations and Intelligent Reconfigurable Surfaces. The invited speakers will be presenting their ideas of the future technologies or solutions, Huawei speakers will share our view on present challenges, technologies and industry trends. All participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussions during Q&A sessions.

The power of the Future of Wireless Technology workshop is that it offers an arena where experts of the academia and experts from the industry are able to meet, connect and discuss the technologies of the future. Together we shape the future, together we drive the evolution of the mobile communication industry.

Note: “the talk by Professor Luca Sanguinetti unfortunately had be cancelled on Thursday and we took a quick decision to reschedule the agenda in the hope that Friday might still work out. We are sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused the audience, but at the same time we are very grateful to Professor Fredrik Rusek who very quickly help us by swapping day, and to Professor Luca Sanguinetti who immediately contacted us when he had to cancel. Thanks to both of you and to the audience for your understanding.” – The Future of Wireless 2021 Organizing Committee.

29th June 2021

Baseband processing in Radio Access Networks is a challenging real time system with tight requirements on efficiency and low latency. In 5.5G and beyond, technologies such as large antenna arrays, wider bandwidth, cooperative algorithms together with latency requirements of 1ms, pushes these requirements even further. We can no longer rely on Moore’s law, but need a new compute paradigm involving algorithms, architecture, as well as new materials.

In this workshop we would like to discuss these important topics, presenting views and ideas both from academia and from Huawei. The workshop will encourage extensive discussions.

More information are coming soon..

More information are coming soon..

Speakers 2021

We are honored to have guest speakers that represent top authorities in their fields for the 2021 themes.
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