Dr. Klaas Jan Stol

Dr Klaas-Jan Stol is a Lecturer (a role in the British academic system equivalent to assistant professor in North America) with the School of Computer Science and Information Technology at University College Cork, Ireland. He has a wide range of research interests that fall within the three domains of research studies. In terms of the substantive domain, his research focuses on open source, inner source, and crowdsourcing, as well as other topics related to company strategies and tactics that can help improve software development practice ( ICSE 2014 , TOSEM 2014, TSE in press). Within the methodological domain, Klaas aims to improve the state of research methodology within software engineering (ICSE 2016, TOSEM 2018). Within the theoretical domain, he aims to draw on other disciplines to improve the state of theory building within software engineering (SCP 2015).