Although multi-Gbps links have been shown feasible, the network wide properties of mmW networks under realistic conditions are still poorly understood. Current coverage and capacity estimates are solely based on simple propagation and blockage models, and do not take time dynamics such as mobility of users or obstacles into account. We argue that addressing these issues by capturing the exact interactions of mmW signals with the real environment is crucial for ensuring seamless and robust multi-user connectivity. In this talk we will discuss concepts that use situation awareness to significantly enhance the efficiency, robustness, and viability of mmW networks. We believe that new approaches that use the localization and tracking properties of the mm-waves, in combination with machine learning could enable efficient resource allocation schemes such as beamsteering, multiple access and handover schemes.
September 3 @ 16:50
16:50 — 17:30 (40′)

Marina Petrova (KTH)