Currently the mobile industry is preparing for the arrival of 5G. It will probably be the first mobile standard to arrive on or even ahead of schedule. Although many operators are experiencing flat or declining revenue trends, they will need to invest in 5G networks to meet growing demands, for coverage, capacity and throughput. Beyond improving mobile broadband capabilities there are also expectations that 5G can open up new revenue streams for operators such as FWA and Industrial IoT.

In this presentation Northstream will provide an independent and objective view on the deployment of 5G over the next 5-year period. It will endeavor to answer the questions of when and where 5G will be deployed, what is driving the need for 5G as well of how different deployment scenarios will look like. The presentation will be based on Northstream findings from research and assignments across the mobile value chain.

September 3 @ 13:20
13:20 — 14:20 (1h)

Bengt Nordström (Northstream)

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